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Interoperable and vendor-independent demonstrator, developed together with 5 partners – Industry 4.0 becomes reality
In the smart factory of the future, machines must speak the same language. The decisive factor here is the standardization of communication interfaces.
Interoperable, vendor-independent, capability-based
• Interoperable, vendor-independent and skill-based • Developed together with 26 partners • Industry 4.0 becomes reality
Capture the essence of the new Companion Specifications for robotics and machine vision within minutes.
On 13th February 17 we start to develop a OPC UA companion specification. OPC UA is the recommended industry 4.0 communication standard.
Etienne Axmann
Etienne Axmann
VDMA Robotics + Automation, Director of the Integrated Assembly Solutions Group
(+49 69) 6603-1530
(+49 69) 6603-2530
Reinhard Heister
Reinhard Heister
VDMA Robotics + Automation, Standards Development, Industry 4.0
(+49 69) 6603-1163
(+49 69) 6603-2163